You are welcome to Nigerian Christian movies dot com where you will not only be entertained but also, be geared up in your walk with Christ. These movies from Spirit filled Drama Evangelists of our time will transform, inspire, encourage and challenge you towards a better and more intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Be blessed as you watch!

We are using this opportunity to extend a big thank you to all Nigerian Christian Drama Ministries that made their spirit filled Christian movie productions available online via youtube.com through various accounts. Special appreciation to Evangelist Seun Jonathan and Evangelist Tope Jonathan for helping uploading lots of such movies online with due permission from the producers.

Please take time to call, email and visit the websites of these Nigerian Christian Drama Ministries and ministers to appreciate them, pray for them and support them in anyway you can.


GREAT WORK. Beloved, i appreciate this great work, you are on the right direction towards populating Gods kingdom, all drama ministers should appreciate and support this great work

–Ayobami Adegboyega (PRODRAM INT’L – Evangelical Film and Stage Drama Ministry )


Youtube Testimonials/Comments

(1) “These peoples movies are real eye openers. thank God for his grace”
(2) wow!!!! well done indeed…dis is d type of movies we xtians need 2 be watching not d ridiculous      nollywood nonsense and hollywood filth. Dont you see just how eye-opening and educating this is? It is indeed a great and practical revelation of spiritual things. May God indeed enalrge d coast of this ministry all over d world in Jesus name. God Bless you sir..d leader and visionary of dis ministry. Please work hard to make translations to english on d screen. U can reach even more people dat way.
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Seven Reasons To Watch Nigerian Christian Movies

1. These Nigerian Christian movies are spiritual ministrations and not just entertainment.

You get to experience the benefits of both worlds, that is, being entertained and at the same time, you are receiving sound spiritual ministration that will positively transform your life, marriage, finances, parenting,etc. You will be ministered to spirit (most important), soul and body as you watch these Nigerian movies..

2. These Spirit filled Nigerian movies are godly and none violent.

We all are very familiar with the some of the many movies that only leave us with knowing more about the extent to which the worldly system has really gone deep into perversion. These movies promotes ungodly activities and we are always at the edge to know what our children are being exposed to. However, with Nigerian Christian movies from God fearing producers, you can confidently engage your entire family in watching the movies knowing that they are godly, none violent, no full or partial nudity and no coarse languages will be used.

3. They will encourage you to constantly check your walk with God.

The bible encourages us to constantly do “spiritual check up”. Doing this on a regular basis will assist you in maintaining your focus and properly helping you to prioritize your life putting the most important (your spiritual life) first. These Nigerian Christian Spirit filled movies will positively impact you and encourage you to honestly take adequate inventory of your life as a believer, checking where you stand in your walk with Lord Jesus Christ and will afford you the opportunity to amend, adjust, grow or quit some ungodly behaviours where possible

4. These Nigerian Christian movies are filled with deep spiritual revelations.

Many of these Nigerian Christian movies are spiritually deep. Great insights into the spiritual realms and deep revelations of the activities of the demonic world. This is reality and just as the bible encourages us to put on the full armour of God, there is need for believers to know that our wrestle not against flesh and blood. Watching these movies will open your spiritual eyes and you will begin to gain spiritual insights into the situations around you. You will no longer walk in ignorance as most of these Spirit filled movies reveals the deep and powerful secrets of common occurrences that you will otherwise not see as spiritual battles. You will be empowered on how to face these darkness through prayers, adequate knowledge and application of the Word, self deliverance and total separation for all sins.

5. You will be drawn closer to God as you gain more understanding through these Holy Ghost inspired movies.

The adage ” You are what you watch” is definitely true. Many in our modern society have made a God out of the movie stars and they are gradually being drawn to a lifestyle that is filled with sin in its totality. You are your mentor. What you watch will go a long way to show who you are as you will sooner or later begin to speak, think, dress, and act as those that you are constantly acquaint yourself with whether on media or off media. For the true, Spirit filled believer, you are not to be measured with the worldly standards and our light has nothing to do with the unfruitful work of darkness, it is better to watch God fearing movies that draws you closer to God than watching movies that will take you farther from Him.

6. Watching these Nigerian Christian movies is a great investment into your children’s future.

In our present society, many parents are no longer easily accessible to their children and thus, the children are left to fend for themselves. They are being parented by the media and all they get from such avenues is nothing but total destruction. They are been modelled by the so called “stars” and they just become so rebellious to the truth. As a Christian parent, you will be making a great investment into your life and family as your children watch you and they see the great values you are placing on your walk with God and the godly path that you are as the parent to directing them towards. Watch these Christian movies with them and where needed, explain what is happening to them and they will be well equipped to face the fairy darts of the enemy of their souls.

7. These Nigerian Christian will deepen your children’s understanding of their heritage language and culture in a godly and safe environment.

Often times, most Nigerian parents desire that their children are well integrated into their heritage language and culture, most especially those of us that are Nigerians in diaspora. Watching Nigerian Christian movies provide your children this great opportunity within a very safe, godly, moral and positively impacting entertainment world of Spirit filled Nigerian movies. Your children will gain great understanding of the happenings back home and they will also know how very important it is to be a fervent Christian, being focused on their deep relationship with God.